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V-Rod® Bottle Openers


Not only does our (Patent Pending) V-ROD® Bartending Speed Opener open those beer bottles lightning fast (the same way our standard speed openers work), but it also acts as a liquor pourer spout remover. This 2 in 1 Bar Tool is designed to conveniently slip one end underneath the liquor pourer rim of a liquor bottle providing ideal leverage. With a small, seemingly effortless tug, the liquor pourer spout removes from the bottle with ease. No more wasting precious time trying to get those pourers out of the bottle while you’re in the middle of a large shooter order and ran out of butterscotch schnapps. We all know how annoying that can be.

We offer this amazing V-ROD® Bartender Bottle Opener in many colors, styles and designs. Choose from simple, funny, sexy and a little dirty to add personality to your “Behind the Bar” ammo. OR, you also have the ability to customize your very own using our easy online designer. Upload pictures, add your name or favorite quote.