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Specialty Bar Spoons

All of our specialty spoons have been specifically crafted to help you create consistently superior drinks. Our specialty bar spoons all contain extraordinary craftsmanship making them not just beautiful, but also practical and functional unique barware pieces. All constructed using durable high quality stainless steel, each of these stylish bar utensils is easy to clean and ready to use. Our olive spoons contain long handles to allow for easy gripping and feature a bowl shaped head that assists in the retrieval of olives or other garnishes making them great to have behind the bar.

A high quality well made absinthe spoon is a necessity for anyone who enjoys a great tasting green fairy beverage. These must have absinthe accoutrements are one of the most important tools needed in the preparation of this once banned beverage. Crafting this classic drink is almost a work of art, which to properly create requires the proper tools. With our specialty absinthe spoons you can enhance the natural herbal qualities of absinthe and reduce the bitterness. Our spoons fit snugly on most standard glasses, allowing you to simply rest them across the rim of the glass, place a sugar cube on top of the perforated section then drizzle with cold water until it reaches your ideal level of sweetness.

Anyone who enjoys a great tasting black and tan knows that achieving that perfect half and half pour requires a quality black and tan spoon. Deliciously layer beer the foolproof way and achieve the perfect balance of light and dark each time.

Browse the exclusive styles and designs of our specialty bar spoons below to find the right pieces that compliments your unique needs.