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Battle Toss - 2 Player Ring Toss Game


Taking our popular table top ring toss game up a notch! Now you can battle it out for a shot with our handcrafted Battle Toss game! This 2 player ring toss game is sure to bring you and your guests hours of entertainment. Its a party favorite! Click here for PDF instructions

Featuring: Precision string adjustment for the serious competitor.  Length of the string is very critical for successful scoring. The Battle Toss game is the only one on the market that gives each player the ability to easily adjust the length without fidgeting with tiny knots.

How to play:

1. Set the game up on a level surface. Each player should be positioned in front of one of the rings. 

2. Place the included Battle toss shot glass (filled with your favorite liquor) into the middle slot, marked "start".

3. Count down to begin!

4. Each player will toss their ring, quickly and precisely. The object of the game is to hook your ring.

5. Every time a player gets a hook, they move the shot glass in the direction opposite of them until the shot glass lands in the last slot, marked "Drinkup". At that point their opponent has lost and must take the shot!


  • Measures: 14" Height with a 16" x 8" base
  • Base features 4 rubber feet on the bottom providing stability and a small elevation.
  • Handcrafted in the USA - quality, durable construction
  • Battle Toss themed 1.75 oz black shot glass is also included.
  • Featuring a precision string system built into the frame to conveniently tighten the strings without having to tie or knot them.