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Lighter Leash®

The Story behind Lighter Leash® The registered trademark Lighter Leash® and the multiple patents that protect it were filed by Mark Hastings founder and CEO of Inc. Shortly after starting, Mark developed the Lighter Leash® so a bartender could easily and quickly lite a customer’s cigarette (when he was a bartender, people could smoke in Bars and Restaurants). Realizing that not only Bartenders loved the product, Mark packaged it in retail displays and tested it in local convenience stores next to Bic lighters. “They sold great locally, however the true challenge turned out to be getting them distributed. They sat for years in our warehouse until an employee at BarProducts needed to earn a higher paycheck.” Read the story how a pregnancy sparked the rise of lighter leash®. Beware of the Jackmove and check out this hilarious Lighter Leash™ Video - Created by our friend, KC (Kenya Chavis, Houston TX)