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Free Shipping Program - Mix 'N' Match Glassware and Save!

Looking to buy glassware in bulk for your bar but you're scared of high shipping costs? The Free Shipping Program (FSP) is the solution for you. The way it works is simple! Add 6 or more FSP branded items to your cart and the free shipping module is triggered. FSP is marketed as our Mix'N'Match program because you have the ability to customize your order with whatever combination of glassware you desire, but if you don't wish to Mix'N'Match, you can still order 6 or more of the same product to qualify for free shipping.

Each FSP item is typically a box of 6 or 12 items, so whether you would like to fully stock up on a popular shot glass or you wish to replenish your glassware lineup, we think this Free Shipping Program is exactly what you need to save yourself a ton of money. Please keep in mind that if you have an item in your cart that is not tagged with the FSP logo, you will be charged shipping on that particular item.

Free Shipping on the FSP program is only eligible for the "Continental" US. Shipments to Hawaii and Puerto Rico will be subject to additional shipping fees.