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Coffee Syrups & Flavors

A variety of syrup flavors is just as important to a barista in a café as cordial and cocktail syrups are for bartenders behind the bar. It's important for every barista to craft a memorable experience for customers when creating their indulgent cafe beverages. Whether you're simply brewing hot coffee or whipping up a caramel cappuccino you will need high-quality barista syrups and flavors to get the job done. We offer a large selection of syrups in a variety of different flavors including amaretto, cinnamon, hazelnut, French vanilla, Irish cream, pumpkin spice and so much more! Our inventory includes professional barista grade syrups perfect for use in any café, coffee house or espresso bar. Use these gourmet barista syrups to craft a unique customer experience that is sure to keep them coming back for more!